Get BarkBox's Limited Edition HARRY POTTER™ Box! Plus, get a FREE extra toy every month! Valid whiles supplies last

Get BarkBox's Limited Edition HARRY POTTER™ Box! Plus, get a FREE extra toy every month! Valid whiles supplies last

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Owner and Dog Training

Is this your first dog?

Is this your first time to own the breed of dog that you currently have?

Are getting frustrated because your dog is not meeting your expectations?

Have you ever trained a dog?

Are there multiple people in your house giving the dog instructions?

Is your puppy biting a lot?

Does your dog chew on things other than his/her toys?

How can we help you enjoy your dog and have a bond with your dog?

At ARKS, we can assist you with most issues you are having with your dog. 

We use a positive method in training dogs and we continue the validation when you leave your dog with us whether it be through our Doggie Day Care Services or Boarding Services.  Our training services can be done in 3 different ways. (Group Class, Private lessons with the dog and owner(s) or boarding style lessons)

Group Class:

We will schedule a group class then you sign up for the class.  The maximum number of people / dogs will be 6 pairs.  Only one owner is allowed with their dog because too many people become distracting to the dogs.  Group Training class has an agenda with little room for deviation but is the most economical.  See the Group Class page for details.  Group Class Details

​​Private Lessons:

If you are interested in participating in the training of your dog, then you can schedule training and purchase the training package you.  Private lesson packages will include an interview session at your home to identify a customized training program for your dog.


Private Lesson Packages:

Private Lessons are design so that the owner can receive customized training to meet their priorities.  Each lesson is 60 minutes long and will consist of learning training techniques that work for you dog based on his/her age, focus level and other factors.  The owner will continue to practice the techniques learned between each lesson.  Each lesson will build on the prior lesson.  This style of training allows the training to be modified as needed to meet the needs of the dog and the requirements of the owner.  In a Group Training Class, there is an agenda with limited ability to deviate from.

Add-on Lesson is an ad-hoc lesson after the package has been completed.  The owner may want to have a recheck 3 or 4 months later for additional validation or may have another task to accomplish.  Add-on Lesson can be classified as preventive maintenance. 

Boarding Lessons:

Boarding Lessons is where the owner leaves their dog with ARKS at least a week so that we can train the dog.  When the dog is scheduled to go home, we will meet with the owner to train the owner on the commands and techniques which were worked on.  Do not expect your pet to be fully trained in a week.  Keep in mind that training a dog requires repetitive consistent methods which take time.  If you do not have the time or patience to train your dog, then you should consider ARKs to do the job for you.  Boarding Lessons will consist of 3 to 4 - 20 -30 minute 1:1 sessions per day along with repeated validations.

Fee: Additional $50 per day along with the boarding fee


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