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Get BarkBox's Limited Edition HARRY POTTER™ Box! Plus, get a FREE extra toy every month! Valid whiles supplies last

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First Steps

We are here to serve you and family by removing any concerns when you leave your fur baby with ARKS.  To provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for dogs staying with us, we all have to do our part.  Below is a list of expectations for ARKS and You as our potential client. 



  • At ARKS, we take unaltered and altered dogs.If a female is having her cycle then we will separate her from the male dogs.We will still have her socializing with other female dogs so that she will continue to benefit during her stay.

  • Will have 1:1 time with each dog every day so that they can bond with us.

  • Will play stimulating games with dogs every day if the dog desires.We will attempt but not all dogs will be willing.

  • Will work with dogs with the standard commands: Sit, Stay, Lay Down, No jumping on people and more.

  • Obedience training at for an additional fee.

  • No dog is turned away based on the breed.

  • Evaluation Interview of each dog / with a day stay before any training will begin.

  • Any dog showing aggression during their stay will be isolated from other dogs.

  • We are not a Dog Behavior Specialist with training to work with aggressive dogs.

  • Our intent is to not take an aggressive dog to stay at our facility.  We do know there are times that aggression is because of a medical issue.

  • Any indication of medical concerns we will seek a vet for evaluation.  In most cases, we will lean towards a vet’s opinion to be on the safe side.

  • We will make every effort to contact the people listed on the intake form for each visit if there is a medical concern.

  • After every visit, we will provide you a detailed report of your dog’s activities and behaviors along with any recommendations.

  • Each dog will be checked for fleas at the time of arrival and will not be able to stay if a flea is spotted on the dog.  We are very sorry but currently we do not have a way to isolate the dog and to treat for fleas.


Pet Owner:

  • Complete and sign the Client Information Form.

  • Submit the signed contract.

  • Provide a Vet’s report of any medications, medical conditions, and current vaccinations.

  • Dogs will not be accepted if they have fleas.

  • Provide food for your dog(s) and dog treats.  If no food is provided, we will feed your dog(s) twice a day at a cost of $2/feeding. Science Diet Dog Food

  • All reservations require a $40 deposit which will not be refunded.  If you call within at least 48 hours in advance to cancel your reservation, we will credit your account for a future visit.  If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours before your schedule time or do not show for your reservation, then your deposit will be lost.

  • 50% of your expected fees are to be paid at the time of dropping off your pet and the balance is due at the time of picking up.

  • In the event there is a medical issue which requires medical attention, you will be responsible for making payment to the vet unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

  • Dogs being dropped off for a schedule training session should arrive 15 minutes early.  If late, the training session will remain as scheduled.  The time will not be modified to account for being tardy.


Packing List when Boarding you Fur Baby:

  • Special Instructions

  • Have Client Information Form Completed

  • Dog collar

  • Updated medical records, if applicable

  • Medication, if needed

  • AND Most Important - FOOD

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